Padmakshi Temple,Warangal

About Us: Padmakshi Temple

The Kakatiya Kings ruled this area in and around the Hanamkonda for few centuries. They have so many temples built in their time. Thousand Pillar Temple, Ramappa Temple, Swayambhu Temple, Sidheshwara Temple and Padmakshi Temple are few to name. Their interest was to bring the spiritual awareness in the lives of people for many generations to come. Their dreams still flourish and the history still seen on their temple sculptures and temple walls.
The Goddess Padmakshi fondly called as "Amma" by local people. The meaning of Amma in local language Telugu is Mother. She is considered as Mother of Mothers. That is why she is popularly known as "Padmakshamma". She resides on the top of a hill (called Gutta in local language).

హనుకొండ పైన ఉన్న పద్మాక్షి మందిర స్థానం లో ఒకప్పుడు జైన మందిరం ఉండేది అట దానిని తొలిగించి కాకతీయులు పద్మాక్షి మందిరాన్ని నిర్మించారట . దేవాలయ ఆవరణ లో జైనుల శిల్పకళ చాల ఉంది అట .

Location :

Country: India
State: Telangana

Temple Timings :

Morning 6.30AM- 8.30 PM

How to Reach :

Ghanpur is an hour’s drive from Warangal and about 20 minutes from Ramappa Temple. You can cover both in one trip. It might be a little difficult to find transport to Ghanpur, advisable to have a vehicle of your own or a cab.

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