Ghanpur (Mulug) Temple,Warangal

About Us: Ghanpur (Mulug) Temple

Ghanpur (Mulug) is a village and a mandal in Warangal district in the state of Telangana in India.[1] Ghanpur has group of splendid temples and a beautiful lake with four canals. They are well worth a visit because of the architectural skills that they display. Popularly known as Kota Gullu and Ghanapur lake,these things are surely going to succeed in making a mark in your minds. This place is 66 km from Warangal. 

Location :

Country: India 
State: Telangana 
Ghanapur Village,Warangal,Telangana. 

Temple Timings :

Open Any time. 

How to Reach :

Ghanpur is an hour’s drive from Warangal and about 20 minutes from Ramappa Temple. You can cover both in one trip. It might be a little difficult to find transport to Ghanpur, advisable to have a vehicle of your own or a cab. 

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