Sri Ranganatha swamy Temple,Jiyaguda,Hyderabad

About Us: Sri Ranganatha  Swamy Temple

Sri Ranganatha is a Hindu God well known in South India. The abode is a resting form of Lord Vishnu, one of the foremost of Hindu Gods. His consort is Goddess Lakshmi, also known as Ranganayaki. It is one of the most sacred of Ranganatha temples. Ranganatha, or the reclining posture of the God, can be found in this temple. The people celebrate the main festival during Ekadasi Festival celebrations.
Major celebrations are held at Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple marking the Vaikunta Ekadasi. The Ekadasi celebrations coincide with the month long celebrations of Dhanurmasa. Celebrations are held in accordance with the full Vaishnavite traditions. The devotees have an experience similar to attending the Brahmotsavams of Tirumala by witnessing the special decorations of temple deity during Ekadasi celebrations. Archanas are performed between 7 am and 12 midnight. Having the darshan of the special decorations of temple deity is an occasion of great spiritual importance, First day need to take ticket for the darshana, and the Archanas are performed free of charge.

Location :

Country: India
State: Telangana
Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple
Near Gopi Hotel
Jiyaguda, Hyderabad

Temple Timings :

Archanas are performed between 7 am and 12 midnight.

How to Reach :

Nearest Bus Station Jiyaguda.

For more Info :

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